All New Creative Minds Series

The Stapleton Artists' mission is to cultivate vibrant communities through integrating ART into the lives of PEOPLE.

Stapleton Artists - a non-profit organization - has a vision to promote and provide an inclusive art community with member activities, art shows, art education, workshops, programs, and our annual open studios event.

In this, our inaugural year, we have developed a program of talks, demonstrations, dialog, and events called:

Creative Minds . . . . it’s an art thing.

The first presentation:

“Radical Aliveness” by Mike Holtby

I experienced growth due to trauma where it changed my priorities to “radical aliveness” or creating opportunities to experience life to the fullest. This presentation is a combination of video clips, native music and still photos that exemplify that philosophy: diving with great white sharks, on safari when a lioness used our vehicle for cover, dancing with Papua New Guinea tribesmen, and smoking with camel traders in India.

“What really matters is not how many breaths you take, but how many moments take your breath away.”


Join us for Mike's presentation "Radical Aliveness" 

May 15, 2017  7:30 pm

7350 E. 29th Ave. Suite 300,
MCA Community Room
Stapleton 29th Ave. Town Center