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Mo'Print (with Stapleton Artist Michael Keyes)


is the abbreviation for “Month of Printmaking,” which happens in Denver and Vicinity every two years.

Mo’Print is a loosely-knit festival of events, unified by the wonderful world of fine-art printmaking.

This poster announces the “Studio + Print Tour,” when several fine-art print shops around the Denver Region open their doors to the public.  People may come into the shops, and experience by demonstration and explanation, what fine-art printmaking is all about.  

There is no cost; the Studio + Print Tour is free to the public!

Go to the website—

for details about Studio + Print Tour, and other entertaining and educational activities, most of which are free to the public!

The Denver-metro and surrounding area has a growing community of printmakers and they want to show off their studios and artwork to you.  On March 24, 2018 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. you can meet them in their work environments to see where – and how, in some cases – their artwork is created.  It’s a fun way to get insights into how and what is created, plus you’ll get ideas from their workspace and how it’s set up. Some studios and artists will have their artwork on display, and who knows . . . you might find something you want to come home with. People will see finished art, works-in-process in home studios and artist buildings to historic structures, galleries and storefronts.